About Us

In today's era everyone is having their own sets of problems. Some people are dying of foods or others are due to emotional imbalance. Careodisha is working to find the root cause of this problem and helping people by providing food to poor and psychological assistance to rest.

Careodisha is having two wings, one is working for social welfare by helping those people who are in need and second wing by giving counselling to those people who are feeling stressed, anxiety, confusion about career, workplace stress, having suicidal thoughts, because we understand every life is worthy. We are organising seminars, workshops for schools and for different organisations.

Service we provide-

It's ok to ask for help if you are feeling depressed, anxiety, stress etc. Careodisha will keep your details confidential. You may not reveal your name until you we win your trust.

We are having well qualified, experienced and experts in our team to provide you best.

Career counselling-

  • Pre-postMarriage counselling
  • Workplace counselling
  • Suicidal counselling
  • Depression
  • Family counselling
  • Drug addiction


For counselling call us @ 8908707066


Vision- every life has its worth. Everyone is having a good life, but our aim is to a healthy life by making their emotional balance stable.

Mission- making India aware of psychology. It's ok to ask for help if you are depressed, feeling anxiety, stressed etc.



Contact details- info@careodisha.org,

Address- Press chhak, Acharyabihar, Bhubaneswar